Our partners

Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility
(project promoter)

Adam Mob Stichting

Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility, located in Amsterdam began its activity in 2012. The main purpose of the association is encouraging a communitarian spirit and integration and supporting the knowledge of the European culture especially between young people, and generally between all European citizens.

Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility is involved in Asylum, Migration and Integration policy from 2014. Adam.mob operate at local, regional and european level with the purpose to share, experiment and transfer service models for the migrant and education sector. One of the Adammob priority  goal is promove intercultural dialogue activites in EU.

Adam.mob large UE and local partnership will help to the disseminate in a direct and indirect level.

One of our main goal is organize multicultural events, workshops and training courses which offer to young people the chance to grow up thanks to social and work experiences abroad. The main purpose of these actions is increasing theirs awareness and theirs potential.

Mobility within and migration into Europe has increased the importance of young people having an appreciation and positive approach to cultural diversity. Active citizenship is an important tool to participate in a vibrant society and to ensure there is a platform through which to value cultural diversity.

Stepp Strategie Servizi Sviluppo

STEPP Strategie Servizi e Sviluppo is a company established in 2015. It offers services to public and private entities both in Italy and abroad, in the fields of commercial assistance, consulting, and management; through studies, research, projects, market research, administrative practices, text translation, data analysis and processing, and linguistic mediation and interpreting. 

It offers support in the search for funding sources and facilities, public and private, to companies and institutions; in carrying out practices related to the design, implementation and assistance in professional and personnel matters. It organizes training courses for keeping up to date the hard and soft skills required specific professional profiles.

 Stepp promotes transnational mobility, allowing young people and students in initial training to undertake beginner experiences and / or professional training abroad, to carry out activities of formal and non-formal education in different European countries, etc.

It offers cultural and professional linguistic experiences abroad, in order to improve language, professional and social skills and consequently increase their opportunities to enter the labour market. 

Stichting Zid
(ZID Theater)


ZID Theater from the Netherlands, produces performances and festivals and realises projects together with art professionals and citizens. The organisation was founded in 1992 and is led by theatre makers Karolina Spaic and Sebo Bakker. 

ZID connects art, culture and society. 

ZID operates on the city, national, and international level. ZID Academy (www.zidacademy.nl) and the international cross-over festival ExploreZ (www.explorez.nl) are associated initiatives.

ZID has received the annual award by the Royal Dutch Foundation Oranjefonds (2011) and the Golden Kaleidoscope from the Cultural Participation Fund (2018). 

Postal 3

Academia Postal 3

Postal 3 is dedicated to training, consulting projects, and developing online resources, whose services public and private organizations have achieved remarkable success and growth over the past two decades, becoming a benchmark in the field of training in Spain, and forming a model of prestige in the design and execution of training plans linked to different sectors, emphasizing in training and dissemination for Public Administration, in Europe and Latin America.

At the same time, Postal 3 develop projects linked to new technologies, assuming R + D + i development, diffusion and implementation, experimental projects, or activities around different service platforms and / or application development.

Postal 3 has been providing training and support to youth people and professionals for more than 28 years, training needs, carrying out plans of orientation and personal and professional growth, labour market opportunity analysis, improving the skills and abilities of workers in multiple private and public business sectors, entrepreneur capability of students and workers, start-up assistance, production of e-Learning contents, and frequent collaboration in the activities of dissemination, promotion, training and guidance in associations of different priority groups linked to training needs.

More than 100,000 young people have benefited directly from the projects in which Postal 3 has worked in the last 10 years, on National and international projects for Youth within National and UE programs and funds, training people to work in the public sector, work orientation plans for young people and other priority groups, a consulting service designing projects for business associations, social and educational associations, and specialization and qualification of human resources.

Asociación Cultural

Asociación Cultural Integra

Integra is a company operating in A Coruña (North Spain) and founded by young entrepreneurs in 2004 with the aim of promoting European Mobility through cultural and transnational mobility projects.

The activity of the company is to help youngs who want to develop a work placement abroad, to improve their language and professional skills, to expand their employability and encourage new initiatives in our community.

Also, we target those European youngs who are interested in a professional experience in Galicia and A Coruña city, and local business wishing to nourish these fellows through our services.

Our experience in the field of transnational mobility includes:

– Enhance the skills and competences of participants through continuing professional education and by promoting quality improvement and innovation transfer.

– Assist the improvement of competitiveness of existing human resources.

– Encourage learning of modern languages and new ways of work.

– To promote integration, cohesion within Europe and Cultural Interaction through International mobility programs, for both companies and individuals, or trainees.

Since 2007 Integra has been the promoter/coordinator and partner of more of than 100 long life learning programmes, different European Social Fund Projects, more than 15 European Voluntary Services projects and we have been working as a core partner in different Erasmus+ partnerships and Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund projects (AMIF).

Integra has collaborated in more than 20 Youth in Action Programmes since its creation in 2004.