Intellectual outputs: phases of the project

IO1: Curriculum of stress management and Innovative methodology in stress management

Step 1: European framework of competences in stress management. Linked with objective 1 of the project: The key and initial research process in European framework of competences linked with stress management as certain the current state, or more specifically, the relation between the key competences with the stress management competencies.

Step 2. Curriculum of stress management. Linked with objective 2 of the project: Design the curriculum associated to the competences involved in stress management. Partners will gather experiences, methods and practices in training and support for stress management according to the situation analysis report.

Work will result in one curriculum, delivered on July 2020 containing the different phases of an stress management training :

– Learn to recognize and pay attention to all emotions;
– Incorporate emotions in decision-making process;
– Stay present without planning the future or analyzing the past;
– Be aware of the nonverbal messages you send others;
– Use humor and play to relieve stress;

Indicative structure of an stress management training could be:

– Pressure and Performance Management;
– Common Causes of Stress;
– The Symptoms of Excess Stress;
– Personal Stress Audit.

Set up a system of recognition and validation of knowledge skills and competences acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning for the network training courses.

IO2: Digital Web app

After the first phase the aim is to develop a digital application for training stress management. The idea is to disseminate the project results to as many recipients as possible and to make the results useful to youngsters and people who work in this field
IO2 Linked with objective 4 of the project: Develop the digital application for training on stress management.

The steps involved in developing a web app for digital training:

1. Define the goals
2. Sketch the webapp
3. Develop a pilot test
4. Test, test, and test
5. Release an operative prototype
6. Operative version

How we imagine this APP? The partnership idea is to create an app that trains you in stress management, similar to the ones you use to heath/body training. The app will show you every day routines and training that you can improve your stress management, reach goals and train others later.

The App will be tested with youth workers and ones they learn parameters and how to use it they can train youth workers and young people.

The APP would be tested by the same group of youth workers who help the partnership to create the curriculum and training material from the IO1.